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Tent Flooring For Events

At present, most of the tent floors are made of wood, and a small part will use synthetic materials. But basically, modular plastic flooring is rarely used. Why? Because people do not know enough about environmental protection, people will be more interested in the noble, luxurious and high-end banquet venues. With the strengthening of environmental awareness, the need for frequent movement of event venues. A modular tent floor was born.

Why do you need modular plastic flooring?

The first and most important point is environmental protection. The forest has sharply decreased with the increase of the population, the forest has become a farm, the rain has decreased, and the desertification has become more and more serious. We need to take action to start with ourselves and reduce the use of wood.
Second, outdoor tents are usually built on the grass. If the event is completed, we need to let the grass grow quickly. The grass protection floor just protects the grass from trampling and heavy pressure while ensuring the natural breathing of the grass.
Third, the traditional floor is very heavy and not easy to transport. The modular floor just solves this problem and is easy to install, disassemble and transport.


Tent Flooring 1
Tent Flooring 2

Why choose our tent floor?  How to choose the turf protection flooring?

Because we are cheap? No, there are more floors than our cheaper ones. Let me tell you why.
Because our tent floor is designed to help the grass grow back.
Because our tent floor has better load-bearing capacity, small cars and forklifts can drive on it. And it will not cause great damage to the grass.
Because our floors can be laid with power and signal lines, this is very practical for content-rich events.
Because our floor can be fireproof, so many people in the tent, the safety of personnel is definitely the first.

Choose T-02

Your event lasts for 1-3 days and requires quick floor installation, quick disassembly and transportation. The T-02 can only withstand heavy objects that are lighter than a car. If your event meets the above characteristics, then T-02 is your best choice.

Choose T-01

If your event characteristics match T-02, just increase the anti-slip performance of the floor, then T-01 will be your best choice.

Choose T-03

Your event lasts for 1-10 days, and the floor needs to withstand the pressure of a truck or forklift, then T-03 is your best choice.


All of our floors are available in both fire and non-fire versions.