Temporary Access

Temporary Access For Military

There are many temporary roads in the market, plastic, iron, composite materials, and many such products. It can be said that the selectivity of temporary roads is very large.

So why choose us?
Our T-04 is designed specifically for temporary roads in camps. Generally, the camp is either in the Gobi Desert or near the desert, or deep in the forest. The environment here is very harsh and the living conditions are very difficult.
Ordinary temporary roads can meet the needs of the camp, but they are very inconvenient for carrying. The modular design allows the camp floor to be installed and disassembled very well, requiring only one soldier to carry it, and can be fixed without the need for complicated tools.
The T-04′s load-bearing capacity is very strong, and tanks and transporters can be easily passed.
T-04 can be fireproof, to prevent the enemy from deliberately setting fire to burn the road, or to cause a fire caused by the war.
In summary, T-04 is a temporary road designed specifically for the military. Easy to install and disassemble, convenient for transportation and handling. Strong pressure resistance, can prevent the spread of fire.

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