Basketball Flooring

Most of the basketball games are carried out outdoors. After all, the range of activities in the room is limited, and the outdoor basketball courts are more. Therefore, many ground materials cannot withstand the test of rain or high temperature. However, the appearance of the assembled floor of the basketball court has solved this problem for many sports-loving friends. The product suspension type assembled by Yinghui is composed of high-strength high-quality polypropylene PP material, which has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to various organic solvents and acid-base corrosion, and effectively solves the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. It also has stable surface friction. The design of the appearance of the texture not only considers the beauty, the drainage performance is excellent, etc., more importantly, the anti-skid effect of the suspended floor is better, the friction is greatly improved, the rain does not slip, and the risk of falls is reduced.

The bounce support of the basketball court’s polypropylene floor also reaches the professional competition. Therefore, Yinghui adopts the surface of the hexagonal design to enlarge the surface pores. The self-drainage is arranged through dense mesh arrangement to make the water and sand dust unimpeded. Below the floor covering, it is discharged into the outside sink of the field through the gap between the lower legs. In the rainy weather, there is no need to interrupt the movement. Even in heavy rain, the floor ensures that the rain will be drained quickly. According to the international and domestic authorities, Yinghui O-01 series products have very good ball return resilience, and have the most uniform rebound performance in basketball and tennis.

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How to choose the basketball flooring?

Choose O-01

When you need a professional basketball court, O-01 is your best choice. O-01 is a honeycomb design with a surface that has a rebound of 90%. The double-layered honeycomb design makes the entire floor more evenly stressed, and we have been using it for 6 years without any problems.

Choose O-02

The surface design of the O-02 is very smooth. The protection for the athlete is the best in the outdoor sports floor, and its basketball rebound can reach 75%. Suitable for training camps or outdoor sports courts, not for professional competitions.

Choose O-04

O-04′s surface is smoother, suitable for children’s sports venues, or kindergarten outdoor playground.

Choose I-01

If your basketball court is indoors, then the best floor is I-01. The surface is completely smooth and there is a locking structure between the modules, which makes the sports performance excellent and minimizes sports injuries.