Indoor Sports Interlocking Flooring For Fustal Court Protection

Indoor Sports Flooring I-01 Introduction

The solid floor surface layer is made of  high-strength polypropylene copolymer. This sports flooring is designed with positive triangular support structure which helps this sports covering suspends the ground. What’s more, it’s locking type mechanical link design helps to reducing horizontal cushion. This sport interlocking flooring has 10 high quality assurance.

Indoor Sports Flooring Application

Futsal indoor soccer court, basketball court, volleyball coirt, badminton court, handball counrt and multi-purpose.

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Product Feature:

1. Excellent rolling load capacity; 2. No damage from moisture or humidity; 3. New or retrofit over most floors in 24-36 hours; 4. Durable for multi-use activities; 5. Low annual maintenance costs; 6. Vertical and lateral shock absorption; 7. Customized logos ans graphics; 8. No adhesives or anchoring required; 9. Portable and permanent.

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