Turf Protection Floor/Military Floor/Stage Floor/T-04 Non Cable

Features of T-04

1.Because the length and width of T-04 is 100*50 cm,T-04 can be spliced horizontally and vertically.In complex use sites, T-04 can be arbitrarily matched, not only between T-04 but also through expansion modules.Realize the continuation of T-04 and T-03.

2.It’s width is 50cm, only one person can carry,in the whole process of installation.Efficiency can save 70% of labor.

3.It can be fireproof. Taking into account the current application scenarios in the market, especially those with intensive personnel or important work equipment, fireproof products can ensure the safety of personnel and reduce the losses caused by fire.

4.The front mounting of the T-04 is very convenient, and the tool can be easily installed and removed.

5.The T-04 has a hole in the slot ,If there is water in the T-04 floor, water can naturally flow out along the pores.

T-04 Application

This floor has very strong load-bearing performance, and is suitable for long-term tent floor, concert stage floor, military camp floor, exhibition floor, outdoor temporary road.

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